London —

Population 8,902,000 | Average House Price £653,965 | Average Rental Price £1665 | Average annual salary £39,476

Manchester —

Population 2,730,076 | Average House Price £193,681 | Average Rental Price £849 | Average full-time salary £33,256

Dublin —

Population 1,395,600 | Average House Price €372,310 | Average Rental Price €2054 | Average full-time salary €36,532

Munich —

Population 1,623,715 | Average House Price €909,000 | Average Rental Price €1470 | Average full-time salary €56,000

Hamburg —

IMMO Capital generated over 310bps of outperformance in rent controlled , expensive & hard to source city.

Next-Gen Residential Real Estate Portfolios. Powered by Machines, Managed by Experts.

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If residential real estate is everywhere, why is it hard to invest at scale or speed?

Today, Institutional investors target just 2% of the available residential real estate market

Today’s Investors deploy capital through Multi-family developments, Build-To-Rent or secondary portfolio acquisitions. These solutions are expensive, exposed to development or concentration risk, occupy secondary locations and can take years to generate income.

IMMO unlocks access to 98% of the residential market ignored by investors – Single Unit Assets.

IMMO combines breakthrough technology with local expertise to aggregate Single Unit Assets into attractively priced, well located, income-generating portfolios fast and at scale. IMMO allows institutional investors to deploy capital and generate stabilised income at a speed.

Investing in Single Family Rental with IMMO delivers:

Stable Income Streams —

Stabilised stream of passive rental income delivered in weeks not years

Rapid Deployment —

Fast deployment of capital to suit any investment strategy

Asset Pipeline —

Fully diversified portfolios, spread across hard to source cities or regions

End-to-End Solution —

Sourcing and property management in one platform

Data —

Richer, faster & more asset level data than CRE, BTR or MFH

Cutting Edge Technology —

Named as Tech Pioneer 2020 by the World Economic Forum

How we deliver great portfolios with outstanding value


AI Sourcing — Machine learning models identify assets at a scale that no human team can process. On average, IMMO assesses >45,000 leads per city, per year


Human inspections — Our human-led inspections capture over 200 data points per asset


Precise underwriting — We identify assets that are mis-priced or offer value-add opportunities


Premium tenant income — We renovate to a high-quality standard to attract premium tenants


Superior property management — We provide end-to-end property management with local expertise

See how IMMO solves the problems of real estate investment

Outstanding execution of strategy in Portfolio I – Hamburg


— Using IMMO Market Intelligence, a family office acquired assets at a gross entry yield of 300bp cheaper than comparable market benchmarks.
United Kingdom

— IMMO Capital HQ sits in London. Our team is ready to take advantage of post-Brexit market dislocations.


— Interested in other European gateway cities? Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Delivering Core, Core+ and Value-add strategies

For professional and institutional investors seeking portfolio exposure to residential real estate through Single Family or Single apartment private rental.

Grosse Bergstrasse

— Hamburg, Germany

€1,100UW Rent
€1,280Achieved rent
Augustenburger Ufer

— Hamburg, Germany

€1,240UW Rent
€1,520Achieved rent

— Hamburg, Germany

€1,100UW Rent
€1,490Achieved rent

— Hamburg, Germany

€1,300UW Rent
€1,860Achieved rent

What our partners say

IMMO Capital is building the real estate asset manager of the future – data driven and tech enabled, providing a unique platform for institutional asset owners to find attractive and uncorrelated yields in an asset class they consistently want better access to.

Gareth JonesFinTech Collective

We have been truly impressed by IMMO’s ability to source high-quality high-yield assets in high-demand markets. The furnished rental product they are providing is first in class and not matched by any other offering.

Managing DirectorMunich Family Office

IMMO Capital is uniquely placed to revolutionise residential real estate by connecting consumer supply with institutional demand. They are solving major pain points for sellers and tenants, and poised to build a mega brand…

Vasile FocaTalis Capital