We build granular residential portfolios across Europe

An end-to-end platform to invest in dispersed residential housing at speed and scale

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Our investment process

Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve created a new way to invest in residential at scale. Our investors entrust us to source and deliver stabilised income streams, while simultaneously preserving capital. Powered by data and technology, our offering provides efficiencies at each stage in the value chain.

1 — Capital allocation

We use diverse data sources to identify gateway cities that demonstrate asset liquidity, strong population growth, stable economic conditions and other factors that drive strong rental demand.

We continually shortlist assets that have the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

On average, we assess >45,000 leads,
per city, per year.

2 — Human inspections

Our human inspections capture 200+ data points per asset.

For shortlisted assets, our local on-the-ground team carries out physical or remote inspections using proprietary digital diagnostics tools and 3D imaging.

Our detailed 200+ point inspection list captures all asset data objectively including lighting levels, water pressure, amenity proximity and many more. The data enables accuracy in both our valuations and letting strategies.

3 — Precise underwriting

We identify assets that are mis-priced or offer value-add opportunity.

Our automated valuation model (AVM) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) on millions of data points across 30 data sources and is more advanced than incumbent pricing engines in terms of accuracy.

Our AVM runs over 400 variables and 9,000 decisions allowing us to underwrite assets in minutes and move to offer within 48 hours, ensuring we secure the most attractive assets for your fund or structure.

4 — Strong resident income

We renovate to high-quality standards, to attract residents with strong credit ratings.

We acquire ‘vacant on possession’, enabling us to quickly renovate and refurbish assets to deliver high-quality aspirational living spaces for ‘generation rent’.

Our assets establish premium rental incomes quickly, ensuring the shortest time-to-income generation.

Our contactless lettings option enables residents to view remotely (3D and video) and execute entirely online, giving us an advantage since the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 — Portfolio management

Our dedicated portfolio management team takes an active, data-driven approach to owning and operating our portfolios.

Our strategies allow us to deliver stabilised income streams to institutional investors, whilst unlocking additional value where possible through optimised and low-risk asset management that requires minimal capex.