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IMMO structures, sources and manages residential portfolios on behalf of professional investors.

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IMMO is Europe’s first technology-led residential real estate platform, designed to create portfolios of quality from existing single-family rental (SFR) housing at scale and at speed.

We have built a unique capability in the form of an end-to-end service solution, providing institutional investors with everything from sourcing, acquisition and portfolio management through to lettings and property management, in order to drive performance and maximise returns.

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Sourcing assets is the single biggest challenge institutional investors face today. Our SFR strategy ensures that portfolios can be structured based on the most specific investment criteria.

Our service can be used to acquire assets for your existing structures or capital.

Ethical Finance

The timing and extent of eventual defaults due to Covid-19 is uncertain, but history suggests that credit stresses will peak long after overall bank stock indexes recover.

We work with banks to help stressed mortgage borrowers stay in their home for longer and for lenders to find an ethical solution to stressed residential loans, so that together we can prevent a wave of foreclosure on homeowners.

Capital Markets Solutions

Following a decade of quantitative easing, government and investment grade bond yields hit all-time lows.

We work with wealth managers, private banks and capital markets desks to structure credit investments backed by residential rental streams and assets.

Made possible with our fully-integrated technology platform

3 days

3 days from lead to inspection with underwriting in seconds, not weeks.


Over 400 variables and 9,000 decisions considered per asset.


Automated by artificial intelligence, we generate asset leads from 30+ data sources at speed.


Our data sources generate 300+ in criteria for new leads each day.