World class technology from a new kind of asset manager

State of the art machine learning and data science combine with real estate expertise to give investors the advantage in portfolio sourcing, income & quality

Invest with IMMO

Unlocking value through machine learning

Fuelled by Data —

IMMO uses breakthrough combines over 30 proprietary and market data sources to analyse millions of markets leads in hard to source locations.

Powered by Machines —

Our modern tech stack enables IMMO to allows us to identify and underwrite superior risk-adjusted opportunities with conviction and speed

Managed by experts —

IMMO experts have billions in transaction experience from leading firms such as Blackstone, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Cushman & Wakefield and more.

How our technology works

Technology sits at the core of our value chain, and is fully integrated.

Digital Platform

Diligence, Structure or invest with IMMO Capital quickly, securely and with confidence. Securely access offering documents and conduct due diligence through NDA-protected data rooms featuring photos, maps, asset overviews, simulations and more.

Collaborate more effectively by sharing information and managing tasks across your team.

Portfolio Management

Get secure access to investment performance in the cloud, anytime, from any device. IMMO delivers fully transparent and granular reporting, including asset-level metrics, photos and more.

All reporting is downloadable to ensure ease of use by investors.

IMMO Intelligence

Benefit today from our state of the art combination of data, technology and local experts.

Our people are the driving force behind your success.

Overview of how dedicated team will help you with your investment and portfolio, and something about that.

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